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Helping you live a better life.

Recovery Services

Recovery services are specially tailored towards people suffering from alcohol and drug addiction.

Life Coaching

We offer different forms of coaching from personal coaching, health and wellness coaching to business coaching.


With the experience our members have in the field of addictions we have learned that addiction is not just a one-person disease.

Your journey
starts here.

We are Crossing The Threshold, located in Vancouver British Columbia. We are mental health and addictions professionals dedicated to helping you re-discover and re-invent yourself. We do this for any individual with a sincere desire to better themselves and their lives. We have a passion and purpose towards exceeding our clients expectations towards overall health, wellness and self actualization.

What makes us special?

We offer a highly skilled, insightful, and compassionate approach to well being. We dig deep and analyze the individual at a fundamental level and deliver real results.

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Recovery Styles

Determining what recovery style is right for you is an enjoyable and important part of the journey to getting your life on track. Some prefer a 12 step style approach. Some prefer a more cognitive one. There are many different … Read More

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Physical fitness is a key component of recovery. The health of the mind is intrinsically tied to the body’s neuro-muscular state. The elasticity of the muscles and the length of the tendons provide feedback to the brain which in turn … Read More

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Sober Thoughts

When I was first offered the position to life coach a client, my desire stemmed from being able to provide guidance that I desired at a young age myself. However, through my experience of life coaching, I have had the … Read More

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