Recovery Services

Recovery Services

Recovery services are specially tailored towards people suffering from alcohol, and drug addiction.

Different from our other counselling, and coaching programs, recovery services is geared towards harm reduction, and abstinence based therapy.

Sober Coaching

Sober coaching can effectively be an alternative to traditional treatment centers or used to supplement the treatment center experience.

Online Meetings

Online Meetings are information gathering sessions. They can be used to plan a detailed course of action for the care of a person in need, or they can be used to gain insight into the life, and mind of the afflicted.

Group Facilitation / Information Sessions

The goal of group facilitation is awareness. It is a chance for addicts, and their families to have in person, lively, interactive group sessions with an addiction’s counsellor.


We at crossing the threshold believe addiction is a family disease. It affects all people whose lives touch the sufferers. In that spirit, we feel the family can play a vital role in the recovery of their loved ones.

Drug and Alcohol Counselling

Drug, and alcohol abuse are symptomatic of a deeper underlying problem. One-on-one counselling sessions are designed to unearth the source of negative emotions, and the thoughts that give rise to addictive behaviors.

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