Our Mission

Crossing The Threshold, as a company, is a resource to all who need support within their life, or struggle with mental health, and addiction. It is a place where the afflicted, and their family’s come to gain insight to make sense of a chaotic world.

Substance abuse is a very misunderstood phenomena, and knowing what to do and when to do it often means the difference between life and death. Our name’s are Joey and Kevin. We are recovering addicts. We have been through the trials and tribulations to overcome this powerful and cunning disease. We did not do it alone. People helped guide us through the world of recovery and self discovery. People who showed us worth, and gave us hope that we could live a new and profoundly meaningful life. Crossing The Threshold is a platform, an access point to all the resources, and knowledge necessary to combat addiction, mental health, and daily difficulties. For us above all else, it’s a way to give back, and repay our debt to society and our families.

Joey Mcgeough

Joey brings many years of experience in addictions, and treatment of mental health to the table. He was the client care coordinator of the one of the largest addictions treatment centers in Canada before moving into a counselling role. Growing up in Whistler Canada, Joey enjoys outdoor sports like mountain biking, rock climbing, and running. Joey loves working out at the gym, and was an ACE certified personal trainer before his work in the mental health field. Joey enjoys every aspect of psychology, including studying psychoanalysis, and evolutionary psychology intently. You can be sure to get to know yourself on every level when working with him. His emphasis on early childhood experience and family systems get at the root of psychological disfunctions. Joey's dedication to integrating, and aligning the mind, body and spirit of his clients is unparalleled. His own personal recovery journey provides him insight into what its like to overcome addiction and gives him a passion for helping others.

Kevin Sheane

Kevin began his journey as an interventionist/counsellor/life coach after attending treatment himself for his own addiction problems. Kevin battled his addiction with alcohol, and substances for over a decade. Deciding to go to treatment for alcohol, and substances in 2017, Kevin has not looked back. He has gone to school and has received his foundational counselling certificate as well as his intervention training through Can Am interventions. Kevin has multiple years experience working in the addictions field as a support worker, client care coordinator, life coach and as a group facilitator/counsellor. He has taken courses to certify himself for both life coaching and mindfulness coaching. Kevin has a unique skillset when working with clients not only because of his life experience and academic achievements but also because of his desire to have life long continued learning.

Caitlin Morris

Caitlin’s interest in helping people, and holistic health began as a teenager. Although Caitlin’s life took an unexpected turn when faced with addiction. Caitlin battled addiction as a homeless youth which followed her into her mid-20s. Fortunately, in 2016 Caitlin was able to find recovery and has since been alcohol and substance free. Caitlin has an extensive background working as a youth support worker and youth worker in the mental health and addiction field with homeless youth. Including, working in recovery as a support worker in a woman’s treatment center. In 2018 Caitlin received her 200-hour yoga teacher training certification, furthering her continued learning through life coaching certification, mindfulness certification and natural medicine certification. Caitlin is currently attending school towards a bachelor’s degree in social work to further her expertise in helping clients heal themselves. Caitlin is passionate about looking at the whole picture to an individual’s health by integrating holistic health, and wellness to treat ailments of mind, body, and soul so that her clients can lead happy, healthy, and successful lives.

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