Group Facilitation / Information Sessions

Group Facilitation / Information Sessions

In person group facilitation for families or addicts

This service can be done at your home. All you need is a room, and we will handle the rest.

The goal of group facilitation is awareness. It is a chance for addicts, and their families to have in person, lively, and interactive group sessions with an addiction’s counsellor. Topics of discussion can include psychology, spirituality, meditation, fitness or personality. Detailed breakdowns of the symptoms of alcoholism, and addiction are discussed. Recovery models like the “Disease Model”, and the “Moral Model” are unpacked, and digested in an effort to get rid of all the misconceptions around addiction.

Substance abuse disorders are notoriously hard to understand.

There is currently no definitive cause of addiction. The lack of certainty around this disease, people are left to infer the causes of addiction based on correlations. The consequence is that an abundance of information about addiction is being produced but not much of it has hard evidence to back it up. We know dopamine is involved as well as serotonin. We know that environment plays a large role, but so do genetics. There is much squabbling about all these factors in the scientific and therapeutic communities. What we do know for certain about addition is that its vastly complicated and different people have different symptoms in different strengths. In group facilitation we have the opportunity to explore all the alternate and often conflicting information and get some accuracy when thinking about this illness

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