Family Counselling

With Crossing the Threshold, we like to offer family counselling. With the experience our members have in the field of addictions we have learned that addiction is not just a one-person disease. Addiction is a disease that effects the entire family. Our team offers extensive sessions for families to help better understand the disease of addiction. We provide exercises for the family to build rapport amongst one another to establish deep seeded roots of affection, and understanding.

Youth Counselling

Our first goal at Crossing the Threshold when working with youth is to provide them a safe place, and help them feel comfortable sharing what is going on for them. At Crossing the Threshold, we pride ourselves by working with youth who are experiencing social, emotional, and relationship difficulties. We become positive influences for our clients providing guidance, nurturing, and proper direction.

Couples Counselling

Very few aspects of life coaching are as challenging as maintaining a close, and intimate relationship in this domain we find a whirlwind of emotion. Relationship problems are quite common, usually they are created, and arise from the unmet needs of the participants. With Crossing the Threshold, we help our clients to tackle these problems by destroying the walls we build to keep us safe which harm our relationships. Through a variety of therapeutic theories, and role-playing activities, we aim to unearth the source of the tension and friction between partners. We do not take the task lightly. We understand the pattern of behaviors and defensive maneuvering learned in childhood carry on through us, and run havoc on what otherwise could be a loving stable, and fulfilling relationship. Our aim is to help create a relationship where both partners actively give each other the things they need to feel loved, secure , and have fun doing it.

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